Dona Rosa is a 100% Portuguese startup that cares about the environment! We give the possibility to our customers to choose plastic-free orders and eco-friendly routes to together make our operation more sustainable. We reward our customers with environmentally friendly gifts, we look for partners who have this sensitivity and who use, in their facilities, products with ecological certificates and we do our best to optimise our management system in order to reduce as much as possible the daily consumption of paper.


Reusable bags

Dona Rosa bags are reusable in order to reduce the waste of raw materials.

Eco-Friendly Routes

We have created routes with the aim of optimising and thus reducing the CO2 emissions of our vans.

Eco-Certified Detergents

We have created partnerships with laundries that use eco-certified detergents.

Optimised management system

We have optimised our management system in order to reduce paper consumption in our operation.

Ecological gifts

We offer ecological gifts to our customers in order to promote the consumption of ecological products of other brands.