This spring, say goodbye to fungus and mould!

Dona Rosa's tips
This spring, say goodbye to fungus and mould!

Spring has arrived and with it came seasonal allergies caused by pollen released from trees and flowers. To keep your home comfortable, Dona Rosa shares some cleaning tips to keep in mind during this season:

Bedroom and living room

These are the two most used rooms in our houses, one because it is where we sleep every day, and the other because it is the place of choice par excellence for relaxing or being with family. Therefore, whenever you can, follow our recommendations:

  • Opt for hypoallergenic bed linen, mattress covers and pillowcases to avoid the accumulation of dust mites and therefore reduce exposure to these indoor allergens during rest.
  • Reduce decorative objects and anything superfluous that can accumulate dust and stimulate your allergies.
  • If you have pets, frequently wash the place where they sleep and spend most time.
  • If you have children, wash their soft toys regularly as they are the perfect objects for allergens and dust mites to accumulate.
  • Use a damp cloth or specific wipes that absorb dust to clean the furniture surfaces in your home. It is not advisable to use dry cloths or feather dusters, as they raise dust and end up spreading it around the house.


Mould grows in damp spaces, such as bathrooms, but there are ways to avoid it, see which ones:

  • Remove visible mould with a specific cleaning solution for removing mould.
  • Look out for suds building up on bathroom ceramics and shower curtains after using the bath and shower.
  • Check that the edges of the sink, bidet and toilet are well sealed and that there are no water leaks. These can create dampness and subsequently create conditions for fungi to grow.
  • Always turn on your bathroom exhaust system while showering to help reduce moisture build-up.

Laundry area

Like the bathroom, laundry rooms are warm, humid spaces and therefore an ideal place for fungus to grow. Follow these steps to avoid it:

  • Take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the wash is over and leave the door open to avoid moisture accumulation inside.
  • Regularly check the rubber gasket and the inside of the door for dampness, as these are areas where fungus can grow.