5 hairstyle ideas NOT to try at home on your own.

Dona Rosa's tips
5 hairstyle ideas NOT to try at home on your own.

A ponytail, a bun, even a braid, I believe any of us has the aptitude to pull off one of these hairstyles in five minutes running before leaving the house. But when it comes to a more elegant occasion where you want to look your best, a few extra hands are imperative. Out of ideas? That's okay. Here are five hairstyle tips that will leave your guests with their jaws on the floor!


Loose hair: straight, wavy or curly to give it a je ne sais quoi look
Bunched: Twist or bun, with loose strands or in slick mode is always a good companion.
Bouffant: for those with thin hair or who just want to add extra volume, it's the ideal ally.
Half updo: for those who like to show the length of the strands, but want to give a touch and catch only the ends in a bun or ponytail, it is the solution.
Braid: normal, French, herringbone, or joined with a bun, is always a way to add glamor to any look.

These tips are just a taste of the range of options that our professionals will give you, but one thing is certain, Dona Rosa will not let you down.