5 types of Massage you can enjoy through the Dona Rosa app

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5 types of Massage you can enjoy through the Dona Rosa app

Imagine being in the comfort of your own home, feeling extremely exhausted and, with just one click, someone knocking on your door, ready to give you what you need. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But no. Whether it's after a day at work or days of early mornings with the kids; after an intensive week of training or simply because you feel like taking care of yourself, Dona Rosa's massages come in handy. And there are five types of massages adapted to all your needs:


  • Adapted to pregnant women: prenatal massage helps regulate mood and reduce stress; relieves muscle tension and alleviates back pain and sciatica, improves sleep quality and reduces swelling of the feet, hands, legs and joints.
  • Sports: for those who practice sports on a regular basis, injuries and muscle strains are very common and sports massage is the answer to soothe post-workout pain and improve blood circulation.
  • Lymphatic: essential for eliminating toxins from the body, improves blood circulation and aids in the healing of injuries and recovery from plastic surgery.
  • Therapeutic: to relieve the feeling of tiredness and increase the sense of well-being, it promotes the reduction of blood pressure, the relief of headaches and helps to reduce insomnia.
  • Relaxing: their relaxing effect is important to release the emotions that accumulate in everyday life; they promote the well-being of the body and reduce anxiety, with positive effects on your self-esteem.