Como limpar o carrinho do bebé? A Dona Rosa explica!

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Como limpar o carrinho do bebé? A Dona Rosa explica!

For sunbathing, outings and trips, pushchairs are indispensable. In addition to being an instrument that provides comfort to the baby and is not restricted to enclosed spaces, it makes the parents' job easier by allowing them to be freer. Since it is a versatile instrument that will certainly have a lot of use, it also needs constant cleaning. All the care taken with the hygiene of baby utensils is not exaggerated, as the immune and respiratory system is not yet properly prepared to defend itself against any type of virus and bacteria. As it is a new object in the universe of many parents, it is normal that they do not know how to proceed in cleaning it. Therefore, Dona Rosa explains in an efficient way how you can keep it clean. 

1 - Check the Manual of the pram: The first thing to do is to read the instructions of the manufacturer, relative to the model of the pram. Pushchairs can be made from several fabrics - some of which need special care. 

2 - Dismantle the pushchair: To clean the pushchair in a more profound way, sanitize its parts. In this way, remove all the accessories - such as food trays, protection bars, cup holders - and clean them separately. 

3 - Wash the fabric parts in the machine or by hand: for some parts, there is the possibility of sanitizing in the washing machine. However, Dona Rosa stresses again the importance of consulting the manufacturer's instructions. If there is any contraindication to the use of the washing machine, soak the fabric in a basin of soapy water - if there is a dirt stain, use a toothbrush in order to remove it. 

4 - Clean bonnet, canvas and bonnets: for a complete cleaning, sanitize all the trolley's fabrics. Therefore, it is important not to leave out the parts that cover it or even the shopping basket that is usually found under the trolley. 

5 - Wash the wheels, handles and other parts of the trolley: Don't neglect to wash the accessories just because they are not part of the essential components of the trolley. Besides, the wheels raise dust and debris from the floor, ending up dirtying the pram. 

6 - Let the pushchair dry well: The pushchair should be left to dry completely in the open air - preferably under the sun. It is necessary for the humidity to disappear, because this favours the proliferation of germs and mould. 

7 - Dry washing the pushchair is also an option: traditional ways of washing fabrics usually use water in order to remove dirt. What sometimes happens is that this dirt ends up being pushed to the inside of the fabric and padding. The pram may end up stained, faded or even grimy. The ideal is to wash your pushchair dry! In this way, instead of water, a special cleaning product is applied - which can penetrate the fibers of the fabrics, reaching the internal layers of the padding. This method of cleaning, leaves no moisture and makes the trolley ready for use in a short time. Thus, dry cleaning allows greater agility, safety and effectiveness. As this is the best way to wash your trolley, Dona Rosa offers a number of partner laundries which have a professional service for the specialised cleaning of all the fabrics which surround your trolley!