Dona Rosa explains: folding clothes for your travels

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Dona Rosa explains: folding clothes for your travels

Whether it's a short or long trip, who doesn't like to arrive at their destination with an organised suitcase? The truth is that trying to fit different items into one suitcase can seem like a puzzle. However, once you learn how to fold clothes for travel and organise the pieces properly, the task becomes much more simplified. For those who are curious about how to fold clothes and save space inside their suitcase - and even how to unpick the pieces during the trip without the worry of ironing them - Dona Rosa has prepared a complete guide on how to pack your suitcase, uncomplicating the planning for your next trips. 

The first step in how to pack your suitcase effectively and efficiently is to consider your destination and the type of trip you are going to make. Start by planning what you might need for the different activities included in the itinerary and make a list of everything you want to take. 

After that, and after the items you need are listed, put them all on your bed and separate them into small piles - shirts on one side, dresses on another and so on. That way, you'll be able to visualise how many pieces you want to take. Then the next thing to look out for are clothes made of synthetic fabrics (polyester, acrylic, elastane, polyamide, nylon, lycra, viscose, acetate) - as they are less likely to get wrinkled and crease during the journey. 

Next, a difficult step for some people, but fundamental when it comes to how to organize your suitcase is to eliminate similar clothes and prioritize the essential pieces. If you have the habit of always taking too many clothes because you're afraid of not being able to wash them during the trip, don't worry! There are quick solutions that make it possible to reuse clothes without fear of bad smells or wrinkles - just use a fragrance spray. Spray it on your clothes, stretching them for a few seconds, relieving creases and adding a pleasant fragrance, which will give a clean laundry feeling - without the need for washing or ironing. Afterwards, remember to put the shoes in bags and place them at the bottom of the bag, so they don't come into contact with more delicate clothes. 

Also, to optimize the space, take the opportunity to store socks and belts inside the shoes. As for the underwear, they are usually very delicate and deserve special attention. Separate them in fabric bags and, when folding bras, put them inside one another - forming a single piece. It takes up less space and keeps the shape of the piece. 

As for your backpack/handbag: several important, and often heavy, items such as electronics cannot be placed in the garment bags. So they should be the first to be placed in the backpack, to make sure they fit. After that, find an easily accessible space in the backpack to put everything you might need during the journey - chargers, medicines and documents. In the case of documents, using wallets or briefcases will help you find what you need more easily. Do not forget that if you are going on a plane trip, you should transfer the personal hygiene products from their original packaging to smaller containers and then put them in transparent plastic bags. Not only does this prevent them from dirtying the rest of your belongings, but it also facilitates and speeds up the review process at airport security.