Is washing blankets boring and laborious?

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Is washing blankets boring and laborious?

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Washing blankets at home is not an easy task! It is necessary to take into consideration a
fabric, fibre and colour, so that there is no damage whatsoever.
damage. Alternatively, it is much more practical to clean your blankets at the dry cleaners, as

  • The cleaning is done thoroughly. Washing at home is a risk, because they are bigger and heavier pieces
    and heavy pieces, which require more knowledge and care from
    professionals. The washing machine that you normally have at home does not guarantee
    deep cleaning, because the water and the products may not penetrate all the extension and
    thickness of the piece. Besides, it can also damage the machine, by exceeding the maximum weight supported.
    weight supported.
  • The dry cleaning used in laundries is a great way to sanitize the blankets,
    because no water is used, which ensures that the piece is not damaged. Water can cause
    the fibres become swollen and when the garment dries, the fabric can become deformed.
  • To clean blankets at home, you would have to wash them one at a time, which would
    would take much longer to clean all the pieces and the costs of water and energy would be high.
    water and energy costs would be much higher. By choosing to use the laundry service, all the
    services, all the blankets will be cleaned at once.
  • Another step that laundry services make much easier is drying. Besides being very difficult
    drying clothes at home is very difficult and laborious, it takes much more time, especially when it
    blankets and heavier items.
  • Opting to clean your blankets at the dry cleaner's will also save you time.
    time for you. What about using that time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones or just
    just enjoying your company?

Choose to wash your blankets with Dona Rosa and ensure that everything is spotlessly clean and composed,
and you will also save time and money.

Bet on our services, to guarantee the necessary care that you and your clothes deserve.