Dona Rosa celebrates 3 years: learn about our history!

Dona Rosa
The Dona Rosa team
Dona Rosa celebrates 3 years: learn about our history!

February is a particularly special month for Dona Rosa, as it marks another year of our existence and consecutive growth. During these three years, we have become the "uber of laundries", which day after day collects and delivers clothes to the respective customer with all the love and care that is characteristic of us.

Dona Rosa started out as a mere conversation between friends which, as time went by, began to take shape, taking small steps. The project was launched at the beginning of 2020, two months before Portugal registered its first case of COVID-19 but, fortunately, this business had foundations stable enough to grow - never underestimating the normal mishaps a business goes through.

We began by taking the first steps in Lisbon, but Dona Rosa is now expanding from north to south of continental Portugal. This project has become more than just an app that has agreements with laundries, with flexible timetables and accessible prices for each reality of this country. It has become a "friend" that is always available to make anyone's life easier and give them more time to enjoy their day-to-day.

Dona Rosa could be the grandmother, the aunt or the loving neighbour who gives the best advice on how to get out those stubborn stains or how to take care of clothes so that they last longer. She is traditionally Portuguese and wants to transmit the good customs that this country has, because there is no Rosa like her.

In short, we would like to thank all our customers and partners who daily trust our work and walk this path with us. These three years belong to each and every one of you. It is an honour, a privilege and a pleasure to be Dona Rosa!