Myths and truths

Dona Rosa
Myths and truths

It is certain and known that nowadays the concept of laundry has become much more used and abused by society. However, is it really worth it to wash clothes in a laundromat? Is the price affordable for the consumer? Can the drying process cause clothes to shrink? We decided to demystify all the questions, apoquentations and doubts you may have. Check below!

The price is high - Myth!
To wash clothes at home, you need to consider two primary factors: the energy you will consume for this process and the water you will spend - not counting the labour. By using Dona Rosa's laundry services you will save time and you will no longer have to worry about rainy days, which make it impossible for you to dry your clothes outdoors. You will also save a considerable amount of water and energy - savings that the environment and your wallet will appreciate. 
Another factor to bear in mind that makes washing clothes at home more expensive is the cost of detergents and fabric softeners, which are becoming increasingly expensive. By cleaning your clothes at the laundromat, this is no longer a problem for you!

Dry cleaners are environmentally friendly - Truth!
Since the laundry machines are always full, all the energy and water used to run the machines is used in full, meaning that there is no waste. Furthermore, the detergents used in the laundries have a green seal, which means a certifying entity guarantees that the product is developed and marketed in accordance with standards of environmental awareness and concern.
Additionally, our routes are Eco-Friendly with extended schedules established for the benefit of route optimisation.

The dry cleaning process is not reliable - Myth!
The process used in dry cleaners is much more rigorous and detailed, than the regular washing we perform in our home. In addition, dry cleaners have automated machines, which are set up by qualified professionals. The machines have an automatic hot air system, after sanitizing the garments safely and efficiently, capable of finishing the process and drying the garments immediately.

Clothes can last longer - Truth!
Let's be honest: washing clothes becomes much more complex if we pay attention to the specific washing instructions on the labels. But that's exactly what happens in laundries. The clothes are cleaned according to the specific instructions for each item.

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