Carpets full of animal fur and dirt... How can I solve it?

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Carpets full of animal fur and dirt... How can I solve it?

There's nothing like coming home after an exhausting day at work to a warm welcome from your four-legged best friends. However, not everything is a perfumed bed of roses: the responsibility increases and so does the care with the maintenance of cleanliness. As much happiness as they can offer us... the fur they leave on the carpets is not the most pleasant thing. Do you know how to correctly remove hair from carpets? If not, Dona Rosa will explain!

Tip No. 1 - Brush your pets correctly: this tip is to minimize the hair that accumulates on the carpets. It is recommended that you brush your pet at least twice a week to reduce loose hair. In addition, we also advise you to take advantage of outdoor walks to perform this task: your pet's coat will be more beautiful and shiny and your home will thank you for the maintenance - never forgetting, of course, to clean up after itself!

Tip No. 2 - rubber gloves help remove pet hair from carpets: rubber gloves are great for removing pet hair. Simply put on a glove, rinse its surface with water, and then run it over the places you want to clean. The hair will easily adhere to the glove and the removal will be effective. However, it's important to note that this tip is only for superficial removal. Using a rubber glove is helpful but will not guarantee deep cleaning of your carpet.

Tip No. 3 - Microfiber Cloth: Not discounting the argument that carpets need deep cleaning to be effectively clean, we also present the microfiber cloth for surface cleaning. Large, smooth, lint-free microfibre cloths can be one of the alternatives for removing hair. We advise you to pass it over the carpet with the help of a squeegee.

Tip No. 4 - the so famous hoover: there are more and more hoovers with specific features capable of removing any type of animal hair. Generally, the hoover can reach the most difficult corners. However, make sure you change the hoover bag and check if there are any filters.

Tip No. 5 - Professional carpet cleaning: This method is the only one capable of totally removing the hair and bacteria that accumulate in your carpet. To remove your pet's hair, professional washing needs a lot of space, modernized and proper equipment for the action, professional and customized chemical products and a specialized team of people who really know what kind of fabrics and products they are working with. Dona Rosa guarantees that your carpet will be as good as new! How? Through the carefree and simple installation of the application.

Pets + clean house? With Dona Rosa it is possible!