In a Serious Relationship with Dona Rosa!

Dona Rosa
In a Serious Relationship with Dona Rosa!

February is the much acclaimed and recognized month of love. It is, therefore, the perfect excuse to enter into a serious relationship with Dona Rosa - reliable, with the guarantee of personalized attention, daily joy and unmeasured satisfaction.

We promise to end your days with a happy ending: for you and for your clothes! You can count on a service that meets your requirements and a smell to envy. 

Still not convinced? We will give you four reasons why you should swipe right with Dona Rosa:

  1. You won't have to wash, wait for drying and even iron your clothes. Dona Rosa does it for you! It will optimize your time and offer you the opportunity to make the best use of it.

  2. Your expenses with washing machine maintenance, cleaning products, water and electricity consumption will be over! Dona Rosa helps you not only to save your time but also your budget.

  3. Dona Rosa promises that your clothes will last longer and will not neglect the quality of the cleaning. The coat you love so much will remain intact, clean and, of course, smelly. Say goodbye to processes that cause accentuated wear, without a pre-wash, without more concentrated cleaning products that increase the exposure time to water and solvents, further damaging your clothes. In this relationship, there is no room for faded, shrunk, or even pimply clothes!

  4. All our appointments will be decided by you: from where you want, to the time and place that best suits you. Dona Rosa is available immediately, seven days a week. 

Everyone wants a Dona Rosa in their life, but this one is just for you! Want to know how? Install our app and start this relationship for life today.