Conventional Detergents VS Ecological Detergents

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Conventional Detergents VS Ecological Detergents

Normal cleaning detergents for washing the house, clothes or dishes are not as harmless as we might think. Most of the detergents we use in everyday life can harm the environment and even our health. The question is, which cleaning products should we choose? And why? Dona Rosa explains the differences between conventional detergents and ecological detergents.

Cleaning products are formulated from a wide range of ingredients, with surfactants that help remove dirt and grease, allowing them to disperse in water. Natural surfactants can be derived from vegetable substances. However, many major brands still use petroleum derivatives - a non-renewable resource, whose degradation is slower and less complete than products of plant origin. Thus, during the degradation process, these surfactants can form even more dangerous and resistant compounds than the original chemicals themselves.

The claim of biodegradability that is often found on product labels can be highly misleading. These products may be biodegradable, but how quickly do the components degrade? There is a difference between products that fully degrade in a matter of days and those that partially degrade in years. As eco-friendly detergents are made primarily from plant-based raw materials, they can be said to be highly natural and biodegradable. The degradation of 60% occurs in less than 24 hours due to the absence of complex carbonate chains and the remaining 40% breaks down in a few days.

Ecological products do not expose users to chemicals that are aggressive to health, unlike products with pollutants that can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Furthermore, choosing eco-friendly products is not synonymous with choosing more expensive ones. They may seem more expensive, but they are actually more cost-effective. They are products made from greener raw materials and can often be applied to all types of laundry. As well as being deep-cleaning detergents, they can do this at low temperatures - which means a gain in monthly energy costs. In fact, opting for an environmentally friendly laundry detergent means giving your clothes a longer life. Because it doesn't contain components that are aggressive to fabrics, clothes are deep cleaned and their condition is protected. They are detergents designed to soften and protect clothes, with surfactants, softening substances and natural essential oils, the fabrics will be protected, softened and free of heavy wear and tear.

In this sense, by selecting an environmentally friendly laundry detergent, you will be playing an important role in reducing the effects that traditionally chemical products have on the environment. It's a bet on sustainability, on the planet, on your health and on your wallet.