Last Month of Winter! Learn how to escape the flu!

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Last Month of Winter! Learn how to escape the flu!
Colder days mean wearing warmer clothes. However, some people dread the season because they suffer from allergies in the middle of winter. Cold, dry air, which spreads everywhere, is the great enemy of the respiratory functions, which need warm, humid air to work more efficiently.  With the incidence of cold days, most people get through them without any problem in adapting to this change in the air; however, some people suffer more, because they already have a predisposition caused by allergies.
In this sense, let's start by asking ourselves: What are allergies? They are an exaggerated response of the organism to an external factor, with which it comes into contact and which, for most people, is a natural element in everyday life - in the case of people being allergic to a food, for example. Respiratory allergies are the most common, since they are triggered by contact with dust, pollen, bacteria and dust mites present in the air or on clothes, carpets and even soft toys. 

Thus, Dona Rosa wants to demonstrate three measures to be implemented to reduce this impact.

  • Avoid using air conditioning: it may seem obvious not to use air conditioning in winter, but there are several people who like or can only fall asleep with the appliance on. However, this operating system makes the air inside drier and, consequently, contributes to the multiplication of micro-organisms. ?

  • Do physical activities and eat well: although most allergies are hereditary diseases, the immune system learns to deal with the disease and, the stronger it is, the better the results will be. The secret is to bet on the classic and healthy duo: balanced diet and physical exercise. As for food, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit, so that the organism has the vitamins C and E, which act on the increase of immunity. ?

  • Wash your bedclothes frequently: the time has come to say goodbye to the little bugs that cling to your bed. Washing the bed linen is an essential routine throughout the year, but it should be emphasized in the winter months. If you usually wash every fortnight in summer, in winter it is advisable to wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly.  It is therefore recommended to use the professional services of Dona Rosa, who are specialised in the correct hygienisation of bed linen and who can quickly and efficiently remove stains that you cannot normally do at home.