Discover the secret of Dona Rosa's white clothes

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Discover the secret of Dona Rosa's white clothes

It's with the changing of the seasons that we revive garments stored in the wardrobe and we realize that the white garments are already anything but white. It is then necessary to give them a new life.

Dona Rosa serves exactly this purpose! With a complete service and professionalism in every detail, stained or yellowed garments can be rescued with biodegradable products, renewing your clothes and letting them return to their original state of whiteness. Laundries have cleaning secrets for getting clothes clean and smelling good - many of them don't involve the use of strong, chemical-laden products, contrary to popular belief. The truth is that Dona Rosa's secret for getting garments always white is due to the trained and specialized professionals, ready to solve any needs that may arise.

So, that coat you love to wear in winter and that has a lighter colour, a curtain, your old cushions and even the carpet that has been passed down from generation to generation and is already marked by time, have a solution. Dona Rosa works with specialized products for any reality that the piece has faced and for any type of fabric.

It is also certain and well known that secrecy is the soul of business... However, Dona Rosa cannot remain indifferent and wants to help you: Did you know that a big mistake that causes your clothes to turn yellow is the way you hang them out? Normally, we soak our clothes or wash them with products that contain chlorine in their composition and put them directly in the sun. Do these products remove the stains from your clothes? Possibly, but due to the chemical components, there is a huge probability of yellowing, wearing out the fabric and damaging the fibre of your clothes when they come into direct contact with the sun. So, the correct thing to do is to dry all the pieces in the shade and use oxygenated products.

Also, watch out for excess soap powder, fabric softener or any other product you use during the wash as it can wear down the garments even more, to the point of staining them. This is more common with white garments, so Dona Rosa advises you to use only the recommended amount for each piece.