Are your cupboards organised?

Dona Rosa's tips
Are your cupboards organised?

Feng Shui:

When it comes to putting clothes away, how do you usually arrange your wardrobes? Do you follow a specific order in which to place each object? Dona Rosa gives you some tips on Feng Shui, on organization, so that everything in your wardrobe is arranged in a practical and harmonious way, allowing vital energy to circulate and flow through the house.

First of all, what is Feng Shui? It is an ancient Chinese technique of tidying up, with the purpose of balancing energies and attracting harmony. The Chinese say that this art is like the wind, which cannot be understood and cannot be grasped - hence Feng Shui is the literal translation of the term wind-water). The aim of this organization is to keep the whole space clean and tidy. Therefore, Dona Rosa advises you to take out everything you have in your wardrobe and organize it according to the tips below:

  1. Take had out of place and place on your bed. Wipe the whole wardrobe with a clean damp cloth, making sure it is clean, and let the air circulate for a few minutes with the window open.

  2. Now, think and rethink everything you have on your bed: do you really use it all? Take each item, accessory, perfume and try to remember the last time you wore it. If you come to the conclusion that you no longer have the habit of wearing it, then separate it from the rest and get rid of that piece. In this way, you will remove excess items from your wardrobe and avoid the addiction of hoarding. Anything which is worn out or past its sell-by date should also be removed immediately.

  3. At the bottom of drawers and shelves, you should keep the items you don't wear so often or only use on special occasions. Everyday items should be in the front.

  4. The same process applies to shoes: at the front, the ones you wear most often to work and to the weekend. In the back, the ones you only wear on special occasions. If you find some old shoes that you no longer wear because they are tight, loose or simply worn out, get rid of them.

  5. Organise your jewellery by size and type: earrings together, bracelets together, rings together and necklaces together. Put them according to size: the smallest earrings in the same compartment, as well as the most delicate rings separated from the flashiest ones. Your life will be much easier when trying to access your jewellery.

  6. As for perfumes, separate them by occasion. The everyday ones on one side, the strong ones on the other. Normally, there are perfumes that we use more during the day (because they are light and refreshing) and others more at night (because they are sweet, strong or woody). Separate them according to your personal taste, but don't let them all stay together.

  7. Do you feel that it's hard to keep your underwear drawers tidy? Buy separators and try to separate the pieces by colour. Dona Rosa also recommends putting a soap inside the drawer to get a pleasant smell.

  8. Organizing boxes are key pieces in a wardrobe. Put things in the right box and label it so it's easy to find.