Do you know the real benefits of massage?

Dona Rosa
Do you know the real benefits of massage?
Feeling exhausted and going through a peak of stress, either at work or on a personal level? Having a massage with some frequency may be the best solution to relax your body and mind and recharge your batteries. 
There are many different types of massage: adapted to pregnant women, sports, lymphatic, therapeutic, relaxing and other more profound ones. But do you know the real benefits that they all have in common?
  • They stimulate blood circulation: The movements made during the massage contribute to the increase of blood circulation and the elimination of residues from the bloodstream. They also help to reduce the heart rate and control blood pressure.
  • They prevent or reduce chronic pain: By stimulating blood circulation, oxygenation in the sore areas is also increased, which contributes to the reduction of inflammation, the healing of injuries and the release of endorphins, which promote well-being.
  • Reduce stress: the relaxation associated with massage is due to the relief of muscle tension and the reduction in levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. Consequently, the quality of sleep also improves.
If in conventional services it is necessary to find a place that is compatible with your routine, travel to the location, lose some time in traffic and even spend money on parking, through the app or website Dona Rosa, with just one click you can schedule a personalised massage service for the day and time that suits you best and, better still, without leaving home!