Portuguese brands worth investing in

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Portuguese brands worth investing in
With the premise that what is portuguese is good, Dona Rosa shares brands that are part of the Portuguese fashion market. A market that is constantly evolving, reinventing itself and that increasingly favours quality and sustainability. Therefore, we present you below a selection of brands that you will like to know:
  • Kin Swimwear: a brand inspired by its homeland - the algarve - where the scenery is marked by the sea and the beach. The brand has two collections: Conscious and Crinkle. Conscious uses plastic taken from the sea, while Crinkle is made from a textured and stretchy fabric.
  • Volta Project: it is through the hashtag #CaminhamosJuntos that the first part of this project is born: a collection of 100% Portuguese socks, with a solidarity nature. Each pair of socks is exclusive and allusive to a sector of the economy, aiming to support an association. The union between artists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, technicians, communicators and transporters resulted in a project with 12 pairs of socks.
  • Wonther: the concept of this brand was developed in New York, but all the pieces are handmade in Portugal. It is with a focus on women and their achievements that this brand was created and it is also sustainability-oriented. The pieces are produced using recycled materials that respect human and worker rights and do not jeopardise environmental impact and good practices in the acquisition of raw materials.
  • Imma: concept with minimalist design, free of complicated constructions and full of simplistic features. It has elegant, practical and comfortable pieces that can be worn in a versatile way and will last a lifetime. The brand advocates that less is more and, for this reason, the collections are limited.
  • Jacarandá: produces limited edition women's pieces, with great attention to detail. The production process is sustainable and transparent - the fabrics are mainly Portuguese and all production is carried out in Portugal. 
  • This: a brand designed for everyday needs - the so-called classic unisex cut basics. Within a policy of comprehensive transparency, this brand provides a list of all the factories it works with and the real and discriminated cost of each of the elements of its pieces.
  • Insane in the rain: coloured waterproof jackets made from recycled plastic. Protecting the oceans is one of the main objectives of this brand and as such they transform old plastic bottles to create original jackets.