Don't let the rain stop you! We have the solution for you

Dona Rosa's tips
Don't let the rain stop you! We have the solution for you

When the cold seasons start creeping in, chaos ensues in the laundry. Drying clothes and leaving them smelling nice, ready to put in the wardrobe takes forever as the cold and damp makes it difficult. I'm sure we've all been in the situation of wanting to wear a pair of jeans or a warmer jumper and finding those two pieces on the clothesline, still damp and far from ready to be worn.

In order to avoid this happening again, Dona Rosa has compiled some valuable tips that will help you in your domestic chores:

  1. Sometimes, doing less laundry is better. The ideal is to make a selection of garments that need to be spotless as soon as possible and wash them. When the clothesline is emptier, the air circulates more easily over the clothes and, consequently, they dry more easily.

  2. The clothes should not be folded or stretched wrongly as this makes the drying process more difficult. So put clothes on the clothesline flat, using clothes hangers rather than clothes pegs and leave a space between items to allow air to circulate throughout.

  3. Using the spin dryer can greatly help clothes dry faster. If a particular garment cannot be spun, you can try wringing it out and shaking it as much as possible.

  4. To try to avoid clothes becoming impossibly full, it is important that you can ensure that the space in which you are drying them is properly ventilated. So it's essential to keep the house aired out, with the windows open whenever possible, to bring benefits not only to the smell of your clothes but also to your health.

  5. Placing a fan under the clothesline can greatly help in drying your clothes. Select maximum speed and leave it on for a few hours, until the items are effectively dry.

  6. Don't try to dry any items with an iron, microwave or by placing them behind the fridge (or anywhere that retains heat). The clothes will still have an unpleasant smell and may damage them.

  7. Using Dona Rosa's services is much easier than any of the above advice. Dona Rosa guarantees that your clothes will be spotlessly clean, composed and smelling good in record time, with the added benefit of saving you time and money.