1. Describe a perfect day for you when you are not working.
My perfect day, when I'm not working, is spent with my family (Vasco and João)
and if it is with friends with us even better! A trip to the beach, a lunch/dinner
with socializing, music, relaxation and good conversations!
I also love my work and so on days that I can put the two together I am also very
2. What is your dream project?
To have a big family, a house with lots of outdoor space, animals... around
3. If you could have dinner with a celebrity, who would it be?
Ui that's hard, I don't think I idolize anyone because I'm just a celebrity, but there are several
people I would like to talk to because I think it could be an interesting conversation with depth!
with depth! Maybe Carolina Deslandes, Marisa Liz, Manuel Luís Goucha, Cristina
4. Name 3 things that are on your wish list.
To have more time for myself, to go back to acting and to be very healthy! Me and mine
5. If you could relive a special moment, what would it be?
The birth of my son!
6. What does a day in your life look like?
Wow, they are all different! I usually wake up around 7/8, make breakfast for myself and for Vasco
Vasco or also João... on the 3 mornings when Vasco's nanny is here I try to work more and focus more on myself.
I try to work more and focus more on myself. On the other days I go for walks with him, I try to go
working when it is possible. I make lunch, we have lunch and in the afternoon it's the same, I play with him,
I play with him, walk, cook, and work at the same time. There are weeks when I have more recordings,
events and then I have to have more help! But usually in a day I am a lot of things: mom,
content creator, girlfriend, daughter, housewife
7. Dona Rosa rhymes with?
Support network!