Make-up and hair done at home. With Dona Rosa, it is possible!

Dona Rosa
Make-up and hair done at home. With Dona Rosa, it is possible!


When it comes to preparing for a special event or simply when you just want to feel good about yourself, make-up and hair styling play a fundamental role. The excellent news is that nowadays you no longer need to go to a beauty salon to get these services and can do it in the comfort of your own home.

One of the main advantages of hiring a make-up and hair styling service at home is convenience. Instead of having to travel to a beauty salon, you can just relax and use the time you would otherwise spend in traffic or transport to do other things. At home, you can enjoy a familiar environment, which makes for a more pleasant and peaceful experience.

You will have the opportunity for individualised and personalised attention. The professional will have more time to get to know your preferences and needs and will only be focused on you, without any interruptions.

Some people prefer to get their make-up and hair styling services in a more intimate and private environment, free from external distractions and prying eyes. And what better place for that than in your own home? It will allow you to feel more confident and at ease to explore different looks and experiment with new trends.

Another advantage with a big impact is time saving. Going to a beauty salon can take several hours out of your day, especially if there is a waiting list or the need to schedule several sessions in a row. By enjoying these services at home, you eliminate a lot of time that would be wasted and can make the best use of it.

Dona Rosa has a team of certified and specialised makeup artists and hair stylists who will provide you with a relaxed, unique and exclusive experience. You can book any of these services through the app or website. What are you waiting for?