Have the soft toys been washed today?

Dona Rosa
Have the soft toys been washed today?
Soft toys are one of the most loved toys by children and sometimes they are even part of the decoration of the room, but they end up accumulating dust and dust mites. These become entrenched and are harmful to your children's health as they can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. The truth is that soft toys are a paradise for bacteria and dust mites. 
But fear not! Wash and clean the soft toys you have at home taking into account the following tips and rest easy watching your children play:
  • Machine wash soft toys at 55°C, with fabric softener and on a delicate cycle or put them, if possible, in the freezer for 2 days every 2 weeks. Intense heat and cold will repel dust mites and bacteria. If you use the washing machine, it is essential to follow the instructions on the labels and always check that there are no electrical materials inside the toys. 
Note: do not forget to wash accessories, clothes, shoes or other items present on the soft toys separately.
  • In the case of soft toys that cannot be in the water, rub the fur with a damp cloth, brush it and then clean it again with washing powder, a little water and ammonia. Let it dry well, preferably in the open air, et voila! 

  • For simpler cleaning, for example if the soft toys are not too dirty, use baking soda. Moisten the doll with water, add some bicarbonate and leave it to act overnight in a plastic bag. Then, just make sure you completely remove the dust from the bicarbonate and the cleaning is finished.

  • You can also vacuum the teddy frequently, in order to prevent dust from accumulating.

  • Save time and trouble and resort to Dona Rosa's laundry services, which have all the necessary tools for washing and removing dirt, dust mites and mould from any soft toy. You can request and schedule the service through the app or the website.