HANGERS GUIDE: know which ones to choose, for which pieces and in which material!

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HANGERS GUIDE: know which ones to choose, for which pieces and in which material!

There are different types of hangers, made from various materials and with different sizes, with various purposes. One model may be more suitable for trousers and another for shirts. There are also specific hangers for storing accessories, scarves and shoes. Did you know about these?

We leave you with a guide to the different types of hangers so that you can organise your wardrobe in the best way possible:

Metal clothes hanger: this is an easy model to find and, normally, the price is affordable. Since it is resistant, it is suitable for heavier clothes. Its thin thickness also means that it doesn't take up much space in the wardrobe. On the other hand, as the edges are thinner, it may deform some fabrics - such as delicate pieces. The metal hanger is recommended for blazers, trousers and shirts made from non delicate fabrics.

Velvet hanger: is a model with a thin structure, it is aesthetically beautiful and comes in various colours. The biggest advantage of this hanger is its distinctive material - velvet texture for greater hold - which does not mark or deform the clothes. The velvet hanger is ideal for all garments except blazers and heavy coats.

Plastic clothes hanger: considered the most traditional model, it has a great cost-benefit. They come in different types: slim-frame or blazer or overcoat. The price is accessible and they are easy to find. However, it should be noted that they do not support very heavy clothes and their structure may deform with use. The plastic hanger is great for lighter pieces.

Wooden hanger: known for making the wardrobe visually beautiful, since it matches modern or classic decoration styles. This hanger is easy to find and durable. Since it is resistant, it supports heavy clothes well. It is ideal for coats and bulkier pieces such as overcoats, suits, shirts and thick jumpers.

Acrylic coat hanger: They cause a pleasant visual effect because they are transparent. They combine with different types of decoration and make wardrobes lighter. Besides, they do not deform clothes and some of them even have clips for skirts and trousers. The acrylic hanger is great for light blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers.