Our pets mirror who we are. So find out what beauty steps you should take with your dog!

Dona Rosa's tips
Our pets mirror who we are. So find out what beauty steps you should take with your dog!

We spoke to veterinarian Maria Cainé to find out all the grooming secrets that are essential for our four-legged friends.


Bathing: depends on the type of coat and whether the dog has any problems. For example, if they have atopy, allergies or other dermatological problems, they may need therapeutic baths more often, for example every 15 days. If, on the other hand, he has no problem, it will be at the owner's discretion and depends on the animal's lifestyle (if it is indoor it needs more baths), it can be once a month or at least once or twice a year. Regarding the type of products, you should always choose shampoos that are appropriate to the animal's skin, dermatological conditions and type of coat.

Dry shampoo: during the period when the dog is not bathed, dry shampoo is an excellent option to keep it smelling good. It can be used during periods when bathing is not recommended, for example before the puppies' vaccination protocol is completed.

Nails: should be clipped regularly for dogs that are indoors more and do not get natural wear on the street.

Eye cleaning: when necessary, this can be done with saline solution, daily or at least three times a week. White dogs, however, tend to have a brownish periocular area and should use their own products.

Brushing: this should be done once or twice a week as it removes dirt, untangles knots and helps to spread the natural oils. It is important to use a rubber glove on animals with short hair; a metal comb is appropriate for animals with denser and/or curly hair and a brush with metal pins or natural bristles is the best for straight and long hair.

Grooming: this is necessary for dogs with very long hair and/or badly treated hair that has dreadlocks. At the change of season, when there is a lot of dead hair accumulation, grooming is essential to let the skin breathe.

Dona Rosa approves and complies with all the tips and makes sure you have all the tools ready to give your pet a luxury SPA.