Why should you call an expert when bathing your dog?

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Why should you call an expert when bathing your dog?

Veterinarian Maria Cainé tells us all the red flags of grooming at home and the reasons why calling in a professional might be the best match. But in short, a specialist knows by heart what to do and not to do in each situation:


  • Bathing: first of all, an assessment is always made of the animal's skin and coat, and then the most effective and suitable products are chosen for each one; during the bath, the professional always does the pre-brushing, in order to remove the dead hair before the bath, also because, without this step, the bath is much less effective; during the process, it is essential to be very careful not to let water into the ears and always clean the ears and ear canal at the end of each bath.
  • Hair on the paws: a specialist never forgets to cut the interdigital hair between the toes.
  • Fingernails: there are dogs where the bark is not visible, particularly with black nails where it is crucial to have the clipping done in a clinic, because if it starts to bleed, the owner can panic and the specialist knows what to do.
  • Drying: owners often do not dry the coat sufficiently. It is very important that the skin is well dried because humidity is the perfect home for yeast and bacteria to proliferate.

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