Your shoes need care: find out how!

Dona Rosa's tips
Your shoes need care: find out how!

In anyone's wardrobe, shoes are an essential part of the composition of the look. No matter if you want to be the most comfortable or the most refined, they all deserve extra attention so that they can last as long as possible. However, it is not easy to keep impeccable shoes without having to clean them regularly. Therefore, Dona Rosa will teach you some tricks to take good care of your footwear.

  • Don't wear the same shoes for days at a time: to keep your shoes looking new for longer, don't wear them for more than two days at a time. It's good to let the shoes breathe, because the best thing to do is to wait at least 24 hours for all the sweat to come off.
  • Don't immerse in water: as a general rule, people immerse the shoes with the intention of rubbing them. This is not the ideal way to treat the material of the shoes. You might as well try wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Prepare a mild cleaning solution: mix warm water with a small amount of laundry soap or neutral dishwashing detergent. For white or light-coloured shoes, you can prepare an effective cleaning paste by mixing baking soda, colourless vinegar and water.
  • Wash the laces by hand: to clean the laces, remove them from your shoes and apply a small amount of the cleaning solution you have prepared. Rub them with your hands.
  • Say no to cleaning products: you have to be very careful when using cleaning products as they can damage your footwear.
  • Use a proper brush: after wearing your shoes, it is important to remove the dust accumulated on the sole and upper part of the shoes with a brush, preferably a soft one.
  • Dry outdoors and in the shade: what makes your shoes last longer is to dry them after washing them in the open air and at room temperature. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before putting them back in the wardrobe.
  • Store in dry, well-ventilated places: try to store all your shoes in a well-ventilated place. This way, all the moisture will come out and they can be worn again within 24 hours.
  • Price the good quality of your shoes: choosing good quality shoes ensures that durability and comfort are maintained for much longer. In addition, it is necessary to choose the correct shoe size. For example, a tight shoe can wear out faster due to the extra forces that the components and materials are subjected to. Through the incorrect use to which they are put, they can also suffer premature wear.